Future Value Calculator FAQ and Support Information

While Future Value of Savings Calculator is easy to use, you may find the answers to these frequently asked questions helpful.  If you do have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us and ask.

How Do I Enter My User Name and License Key?

Entering your User Name and License Key "unlocks" a trial version and turns it into a fully licensed copy installed on your computer.  Step-by-step instructions (with pictures) are provided here:  How to Register TedCo Software's Financial Calculators


Does this software run on my computer?

Future Value of Savings Calculator is designed for and tested to run on the following versions of Microsoft's Windows® operating systems: Windows® 2000, XP Home and XP Professional computers.


Do you have a version for my PDA?

Future Value Calculator is not available for PDAs or devices using the Palm® OS or Windows® CE.


Can I get a quantity discount?

Yes!  Significant volume discounts are available for Future Value of Savings Calculator.


Can I share this software with my friends?

We would love for you to tell your friends about our financial calculators!

We provide a free, fully functional evaluation version of Future Value of Savings Calculator and encourage people to download the trial versions.  This software is available on a "try before you buy" basis.

TedCo Software encourages you to share this unregistered installation executable with others.  However, as explained in the software license, as indicated in the End User License Agreement, you may not give your License Key to another individual.  Doing so will invalidate your license.

Under no circumstance does TedCo Software grant any party permission to wrap this installation executable within another executable, install it in conjunction with another installation executable, and/or modify, remove or add files to the installation executable as compiled and released by TedCo Software.


Can I give feedback about the software?

Yes!  Please do!

The quickest way to contact us is to use our online Contact Form.


My User Name / License Key combination doesn't work!  What do I do?

The reason a User Name / License Key combination may not work is that it has been mistyped.  Please re-enter the information exactly as it was provided to you in the e-mail message you received following your purchase.  Capitalization is important and because the software evaluates your information in a case-sensitive manner, you must enter it exactly as provided.

If, after you try again with attention to case-sensitivity, you still cannot enter your License Key, please contact us using our online Contact Form


Is there a list of TedCo Software's web sites?

Wheatworks.com: TedCo Software's Windows-based Financial Software.
DebtDasher.com: Product Site for DebtDasher™ Personal Debt Management Software.
LoanSpread.com: Product Site for LoanSpread™ Financial Calculator.
RealEstateCalculatorSuite.com: Product Site for Real Estate Calculator Suite™.
HomeBuyersCalculator.com: Product Site for Home Buyers Calculator Suite.
HomeSellingCalculator.com: Product Site for Home Selling Calculator.
FutureValueCalculator.com: Product Site for Future Value of Savings Calculator.
DiscountedCashFlowAnalysis.com: Product Site for Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator.
Financial Matters Blog: TedCo Software's Blog Site
CreateCDLabels.com: Product Site for CD and DVD Jewel Case & Label Creator.
SpellQuizzer.com: Product Site for SpellQuizzer Spelling Software.
TedCoSoftware.com: TedCo Software home site.


What is TedCo Software's upgrade policy?

Licensed Users receive minor version updates without paying any additional license fee. Major version updates may be available for an additional upgrade license fee.

An example of a minor version update would be an upgrade from version 1.5.00 to version 1.5.85. This type of update will be provided at no additional license fee.

An example of a major version upgrade would be an upgrade from version 1.5.005 to version 2.0.02.  The difference between minor and major version upgrades is signified by the first digit of the version identifier.


Can I install the software on my home and my work computers at the same time?

Yes.  Though you should always make sure you have permission to install software on "your" work computer.

From our EULA: "You may install and use the Software on up to two computers at a time. For example, you may install and use the software on a desktop computer while a family member is using it on a notebook computer."


How can I uninstall the software?

Easily.  You may uninstall our software products by choosing the "Uninstall" menu item in the Program Files items or by choosing the program name in the "Add or Remove Programs" in Control Panels.


How do I update the software I purchase?

We make it easy to check for the latest version of our products and download updates as they are available.  TedCo Software provides a built-in updating feature that allows you to check for updates by simply clicking a button or choosing a menu item, "Check for Latest Version".

Manually updating the software is easy, too:  simply download the current version and install it.


Where can I buy TedCo Software's financial calculators?

You can purchase Future Value Calculator online. We've selected FastSpring to process your orders.  These companies are available 24 hours a day and they're reliable, respected credit card processors.  They're prepared to immediately deliver your personal License Key that will turn the trial version into a full version.


Will I receive the source code to this software?

No.  TedCo Software does not license source code.


What is TedCo Software's position on spyware?

We're strongly opposed to it.  Our financial calculators are spyware-free.  Any access to the Internet by our products occurs only because a user clicks an appropriately labeled button to check for an update on our web site or clicks a hyperlink within the software that launches the user's default web browser and loads a web page from our domain's web server in the browser window.  Our products send no information to our server except for that contained in the URL which is visible in the browser.