How to Save Money

It's not always easy

Saving money requires discipline. And one can never start too soon. As Mignon McLaughlin said, "The time to begin most things is ten years ago."

So if it's hard to save money and takes time to accumulate a significant amount, how does one save money? One dollar at a time. Especially if your savings are compounded and can earn additional money for you.

Most of what can be said about saving money is painfully obvious. "A penny saved is a penny earned." "Spend less than you earn." "Cut your expenses and increase your income." However, as in most areas of life, when it comes to saving money, talk is cheap.

Saving money requires determination and changed behavior. And it requires the proper belief system.

The most important thing to know about saving money ...

Saving money is an activity, not a plan -- it's a behavior, not a desire.